Cuscutin Bergenin of the prosodic accents and Japanese high T Ne Mandarin are different

Japanese is a pitch accent language, which is a subtype of tone language. Although the Japanese W Words can k Accented or unaccented in their underlying forms, ie pitch accent patterns are predictable from the position of the cases accentuated because of the Mora rules4 pitch accent in some F, Pitch accent pattern k Can otherwsie segmentallyidentical W words Cuscutin Bergenin with different meanings of lexical differentiation. For example, two Japanese / mora sequence soul / pair exhibits minimal pitch accent means S ATTRACTIONS, If accented on the second Mora, but the rain, when the first accent. Although the basic units of the prosodic accents and Japanese high T Ne Mandarin are different in both Mandarin lexical T Ne of Japanese accents and high status of phonemes in their language, because they are poorly marked and contrastive lexical distinctions.
In addition, F0 models for Japanese Akzentt Ne LH and HL phonetically Similar, are for Mandarin T2 and T4, au It that the Mandarin is pattern bcr-abl produced on a single timing unit, w During the Japanese covers two time units out. In fact, some phonologists describe the outline of the Mandarin T Ne a tone sequence level. For example, rising and falling T Ne be described as LH and HL, respectively. Nally in terms of syllable weight, both Japanese VV, VC, and VCV sequences and Mandarin CV: and CVC syllables are represented with two moras. English is not a tonal language, because they do not use lexical T Ne or accents in the H He. It was designated as a tonic accent language. His distinctive use of the H Hey, at the word level is very limited.
Also, lexical stress, for example, is in the H He uses one of the acoustic components to show several RESTRICTIONS Website will in English Homophone pairs, and as an object. Stressed syllables are generally tr GE compared to products of different quality, and L Length of the vowels, the koh Parent and relevant than F0 are differences. At the sentence level, typically used English intonation patterns different primitive loosely with pragmatic functions, such as the increasing H He the yes / no questions, and M Possibilities of Fallh He joined the States. Sometimes even the same word, for example, as explanation Tion and a question on the basis of grid when it is pronounced married Be depends. Yet Similar to R The F0 incompatible in the structuring of stress in English is not set, the linguistic meaning of models between certain H He and specific pragmatic functions.
This is very different lexical T Ne and accents of the H Hey, to signal different word meanings, and may have a phonological status. In this study, we hypothesized that affects the phonological and phonetic properties Zuh Rer, L1 prosodic systems is their perception of exotic T NEN. The hei t, we postulate that the main influence is not simply because of the amount of experience in the use of sound on the 5th floor, but satisfied t, state interference and phonological / or phonetic categories and color contrasts in the H rer native prosodic system. In particular, we expectedThe results showed that Cantonese Zuh Rer more difficult to Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 and couples, but not the pair T1 T2 was barely perceptible. Perhaps, perceptual assimilation model predicti

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