Step 1 Identify the dynamic

indexes and transform to sta

Step 1. Identify the dynamic

indexes and transform to static ones. Firstly, analyse the attribute of safety assessment indexes on dangerous goods transport enterprise and identify the dynamic indexes. Then treat them statically according to the way described in [10], as showed in the following. (1) According SAR302503 936091-26-8 to the principle combining with qualitative and quantitative, the dynamic index’s attribute value recorded for k times in different periods is defined as follows: M(k)=m1k,m2k,m3k,…,mnkT k=1,2,…. (1) And the weight vector and weight vector set of corresponding index in different period are given as follows: u(k)=u1(k),u2(k),…,un(k)∈Uk,U(k)=u1(k),u2(k),…,un(k) ∣ ∑j=1nuj(k)=1,  k=1,2,…. (2) (2) Calculate static value of all dynamic indexes using the following formula: M=mj1+∑k=2ujkΔmjk ∣ Δmjk=mjk−mjk−1, k=1,2,…;j=1,2,…,n. (3) Step 2. Calculate multi-index assessment matrix as follows: B′=b11′b12′⋯b1n′b21′b22′⋯b2n′⋮⋮⋯⋮bm1′bm2′⋯bmn′,

(4) where b ij′ is the weight of index i given by expert j; standardize B′, and then we get B = (b ij)m×n, and b ij ∈ [0,1]; the value of b ij depends on the following situations. If the situation becomes better when the value of b ij is median, then: bij=2max⁡j⁡bij′−min⁡j⁡bij′/2−bij′max⁡j⁡bij′−min⁡j⁡bij′. (5) If the situation is better when the value of b ij becomes bigger, then: bij=bij′−min⁡j⁡bij′max⁡j⁡bij′−min⁡j⁡bij′. (6) If the situation is better when the value of b ij becomes smaller, then: bij=max⁡j⁡bij′−bij′max⁡j⁡bij′−min⁡j⁡bij′. (7) Step

3. Define the entropy weight of every assessment index according to the following method. (1) Among assessment of indexes with experts, the entropy of index is defined as follows: Hi=−1ln⁡n∑j=1nfijln⁡fij i=1,2,…,m, (8) wheref ij = b ij/∑j=1 n b ij. Note that ln f ij has no sense when f ij = 0, thus defining f ij as f ij = (1 + b ij)/(1 + ∑j=1 n b ij). (2) Calculate entropy weight of every assessment index in expression of W j = (λ i)1×m, wherein Carfilzomib λ i = (1 − H i)/(m − ∑i=1 m H i), and ∑i=1 m λ i = 1. Step 4. Identify positive ideal point and negative ideal point. After getting entropy weight, we can introduce λ i into standardized matrix B′ and then get normalized matrix: B * = (b ij *)m×n, wherein b ij * = λ i b ij. Thus positive ideal point and nP + = (p 1 +, p 2 +,…, p m +)T negative ideal point, P + and P −, respectively, can be expressed as follows: P−=p1−,p2−,…,pm−T.

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