Stromata when young yellow, 4A5, 4B5–7, yellow-brown, light brown

Stromata when young yellow, 4A5, 4B5–7, yellow-brown, light brown, medium brown or orange-brown, 5–6CE7–8, 6CD4–5, 7–8E7–8; darkening with age to dark brown, dark chocolate brown, dark reddish or purplish brown, 6F4–7, 7–9F4–8, to nearly black. Rehydrated stromata not different from the fresh state, colour not changed in 3% KOH. Stroma anatomy: Ostioles (47–)55–80(–94) μm long, plane or projecting to 22 μm, (12–)22–38(–45) wide at the apex internally (n = 36); without differentiated apical cells. Perithecia (124–)160–205(–225) × (97–)125–175(–205) μm (n = 47), globose or flask-shaped; peridium (6–)10–16(–22) μm (n = 80) thick at the base and sides, yellow in lactic

acid; orange with vinaceous tone in 3% KOH. Cortical layer (17–)20–30(–35) μm (n = 40) thick, a t. angularis of distinct, isodiametric, thick-walled, reddish- or yellowish brown cells (3–)5–11(–16) × (2.5–)4–9(–13) TSA HDAC clinical trial μm (n = 120) in face view and in vertical section, gradually paler downwards; absent at the attached base. Hairs

on mature stromata this website (6–)8–25(–38) × (2–)3–4(–5) μm (n = 31), rare, inconspicuous, 1–3 celled, cylindrical, straight or curved, smooth, rarely verruculose, brownish. Subcortical tissue a t. intricata of hyaline thin-walled hyphae (2–)3–6(–7) μm (n = 40) wide. Subperithecial tissue a t. epidermoidea of hyaline thin-walled cells (6–)9–35(–50) × (5–)7–12(–16) μm (n = 60), appearing as wide, mostly vertically oriented hyphae under lower magnification. Stroma base a t. intricata of hyaline hyphae (2–)3–5(–6) μm (n = 16) wide. Asci (76–)83–96(–108) × (4.7–)5.0–6.0(–6.5)

μm, stipe (2–)6–14(–24) μm long (n = 50). Ascospores hyaline, verruculose; cells dimorphic, distal cell (3.0–)3.4–4.3(–5.7) × (3.0–)3.5–4.0(–4.5) μm, l/w (0.9–)1.0–1.2(–1.6) (n = 90), subglobose or oval, proximal cell (3.0–)4.0–5.5(–7.3) × (2.2–)2.8–3.4(–4.0) μm, l/w (1.0–)1.2–1.8(–2.6) (n = 90), oblong, wedge-shaped or subglobose. Anamorph on the natural substrate typically light bluish green, effuse Phloretin or pulvinate, powdery or hairy. Cultures and anamorph: optimal growth at 25°C on all media; no growth at 35°C. On CMD after 72 h 8–9 mm at 15°C, 21–24 mm at 25°C, 17–23 mm at 30°C; mycelium covering the plate after 8–10 days at 25°C. Colony hyaline, thin, dense, with wavy margin, not zonate; hyphae with radial arrangement, thin, with low variation in width. Aerial hyphae scant, becoming fertile. Autolytic activity nearly absent, no coilings seen. No chlamydospores seen. Agar becoming diffusely dull yellow, 3–4AB3–4, mostly in distal areas. Odour weakly coconut-like. After ca 1 month at 15°C sometimes yellow crystals appearing in the agar. Conidiation noted after 2 days, white to pale yellowish, green only in the stereo-microscope; effuse, macroscopically invisible, spreading from the plug.

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