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 Kidney infection 1 (<0.1) 0 (0)  Renal abscess 1 (<0.1) 0 (0) Serious adverse events of infections related to the ear and labyrinth systems 0 (0) 5 (0.1) 0.0260  selleck screening library labyrinthitis 0 (0) 4 (0.1)  Otitis media 0 (0) 1 (<0.1) aNumber of subjects who received ≥1 dose of investigational product For subjects with serious adverse events of diverticulitis (six placebo, eight denosumab), the median hospital stay was similar between groups, 6 days (range, 1–8 days) for placebo subjects and 4 days (range, 1–15 days) for denosumab subjects. No subject in the placebo group and three subjects in the denosumab group had a history of diverticulitis before entering the study. One denosumab subject experienced two serious adverse events of diverticulitis on study. Renal and urinary infections Serious adverse events of infections involving the urinary tract https://www.selleckchem.com/products/ink128.html were experienced by 20 (0.5%) placebo subjects and 29 (0.7%) denosumab subjects (Table 5). The most common serious

adverse events included urinary tract infection, cystitis, and pyelonephritis. Culture results indicated these were typically due to Escherichia coli and other common gram-negative bacteria. The difference in incidence between treatment groups for individual preferred terms was 0.1% or less. Ear infections Serious adverse events of infections involving the ear occurred in no placebo subjects and five denosumab subjects ��-Nicotinamide mw (Table 5). These infections were

primarily labyrinthitis (four cases), of which two cases were moderate and two were severe; the other serious adverse event was otitis media. Resolution of labyrinthitis occurred within 2 and 13 days in cases of moderate severity and in 6 weeks in a severe case. In one subject with a history of Avelestat (AZD9668) recurrent labyrinthitis, the event was ongoing. No apparent relationship was observed between onset of the events and time since initiation of denosumab (range, 6–31 months). Most subjects with serious adverse events of ear infections had preexisting complicating factors. For example, three of the four subjects with labyrinthitis had a prior history of labyrinthitis. The subject with otitis media had a previous stapedectomy and tympanoplasty in the same ear approximately 3 years prior. She was hospitalized for an exploratory tympanoplasty. Endocarditis Three events of endocarditis (one adverse event and two serious adverse events) were reported in the denosumab group and none in the placebo group. No relationship was observed between the onset of endocarditis and the duration of treatment or time since last dose of denosumab (Fig. 1c), and a causative pathogen was not identified in any case. Two of the subjects underwent echocardiography and the diagnosis was reported to be confirmed. One of these subjects was hospitalized for treatment with antibiotics and the other was treated as an outpatient.

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