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The scatc nerve was minimize longtudnally nto 20 m thck sectons and DRGs were minimize nto 15 m thck sectons.Tssue sectons were prepared accordng to a prevous publcatoand staned wth ant knes5 antbody, NeuN, S a hundred monoclonal antbody, or SM 31R.Some sectons have been also ncubated wth the Neuro Trace fluorescent Nssl stan.To manage for nospecfc antbody bndng, sectons have been ncubated wth blockng buffer overnght, followed by only the secondary antbody.Cell culture CSPG strpe assay Crcular glass coverslps wth pre drled 14 mm wells were coated wth poly D lysne overnght.A strof Whatmafter paper was completely saturated wth six L of aggrecasolutoplaced at the center with the coverslfor 30 mand permitted to ar dry being a modfcatoof a prevous technque.The coverslps were coated wth lamnand stored at 37 C for 3hours.Some coverslps have been ncubated ChABC duted water at 37 C for 3hours.These condtons have been all choseemprcally following testng the effects of varous ncubatotmes and concentratons of aggrecan, lamnand ChABC.
Our purpose was to allow sufficient tme for some dgestoof selleck chemicals Torin 1 CSPG glycosamnoglycachans, but not adequate tme for each of the GAG chans for being nactvated.Ths could be tested wth the CS 56 antbody, whch recognzes the remanng ntact CSPG GAGs.The coverslps had been washed culture medum, dred and Usterzed just before DRG cells have been plated.Cell culture and pharmacology DRGs from adult C57B1 6j mce have been solated and cultured as descrbed prevously onto strpe assay coverslps.All growth variables and pharmacologcal reagents were additional drectly on the culture medum at ndcated concentratoshortly following the cells adhered on the substratum.For growth aspect treatment, cells were ncubated DRG medum contanng 300 ng ml braderved neurotrophc aspect Chrysin and 20 ng ml neurotroph3.For ant knes5 medicines, monastrol, S trtyl L cystene andhR22C16 were additional to the meda 3hours just after platng.Coverslps were replenshed wth exactly the same culture meda following 24hours and fxed at 48hours.For cell morphology observatons, some cultures were fxed at 18hours.
mmunocytochemstry ocell neuronal cultures mmunostanng of cell cultures was performed as prevously

descrbed.To manage for nospecfc antbody bndng and auto fluorescence of neurons, cultures had been ncubated wth only the secondary antbodes or wth no antbodes.mmunofluorescence was neglgble these dshes.mage analyss For consstency, mages had been takeof regons whch cell densty, axonal outgrowth and number of cell bodes around the CSPG border was smar betweecontrol and drug treated cultures.mages were obtaned oaAxovert 200 mcroscope equpped wth ahgh resolutoCCD.All mages had been obtaned usng dentcal camera, mcroscope, and magng crtera such as gan, exposure tme, brghtness and contrast.Dgtal gray values of mage pxels representng arbtrary fluorescence unts had been obtaned usng AxoVsosoftware.cases where multple axons grew from a sngle DRG cell body, the four longest axons were measured and the sum on the length of all four axons was calculated.

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