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yet, these condtons are suffcent to sgnfcantly uregulate the expressoof a knowStat92E target, Socs36E.Consequently, kes not a Stat92E target the exams.Ths dstngushes kefrom another knowCySC mantenance variables, zfh1 and chnmo, whch are Stat92E targets the tests.The two Stat92E and Keaffect the expressoof Ptp61F All our data ndcate that kepostvely regulates JAK STAT sgnalng the tests nche.Smar to Stat92E, kes autonomously requred CySCs to avoid CySC dfferentaton, and ectopc Keexpressothe CySC lneage results in ectopc CySCs and GSCs.Our effects are surprsng, snce prevous studeshave showthat Kebehaves like a selectve nhbtor of JAKSTAT sgnalng by negatvely regulatng the expressoof a subset of JAK STAT targets the embryo.Thus, kemay mantaCySCs ether by actvatng genes requred for CySC mantenance or by repressng anhbtor of the pathway.Snce Kes knowto behave like a transcrptonal repressor, wehypotheszed that t may very well be actng oSocs36E or Protetyrosne phosphatase 61, two knowJAKSTAT nhbtors.
Socs36E s expressed the exams nche and s anduced antagonst of the JAK STAT pathway.yet, prevous resultshave demonstrated that Socs36E will not reply to Kethe embryo, and quanttatve genuine tme PCR analyss of Socs36E wd type testes versus testes wth ectopc JAK STAT sgnalng revealed ths to become the situation the exams also.Therefore, we focused othe results of Keothe canddate JAK STAT target and nhbtor Ptp61F.Accordng to RNA Seq information, Ptp61F s expressed this article the tests andhas also beeshowto be a JAK STAT target Drosopha.Moreover, asco hunt for Stat92E bndng stes the promoter proxmal regoof Ptp61F revealed ahgh quantity of Stat92E bndng stes, a lot of whch are also potental Kebndng stes.To examne the expressopatterof Ptp61F the Drosopha exams, we performed stuhybrdzatoto Ptp61F mRNA and found that expressed at low levels the exams apex and s slghtly upregulated late spermatocytes and cyst cells.Snce prevous datahave showthat, smar to Socs36E, Ptp61F s anduced antagonst of your JAK STAT sgnalng pathway, we asked if Ptp61F expressos also controlled by JAK STAT sgnalng the exams.
To do ths, we carried out quanttatve real VX-702 molecular weight tme PCR analyss of Ptp61F wd type testes versus testes wth ectopc JAK STAT sgnalng.Surprsngly, Ptp61F expressos sgnfcantly downregulated response to JAK STAT pathway actvaton.Taketogether, these data propose that Ptp61F s a target of JAK STAT sgnalng and that Stat92E dfferentally regulates dstnct targets, ether by upregulatng or downregulatng gene expresson.To test irrespective of whether Kecaalso modulate the expressoof Ptp61F, we carried out qPCR analyss of Ptp61F wd kind versus Keoverexpressng testes.Snce msexpressoof the two Upd and Kelead

to the same phenotype, wehypotheszed that Ptp61F expressowould decrease testes wth ectopc Ken.We identified that Ptp61F expressos sgnfcantly downregulated Keoverexpressng testes.

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