To date, a joint study of the genome wide mRNA and miRNA profilin

To date, a joint study of the genome wide mRNA and miRNA profiling U0126 FDA based on HIV infected brain tissue with and without dementia is still lacking, although some indi vidual mRNA and miRNA profiling studies based on human brain have been done. Therefore, our in novative approach has studied the utility of parallel genome wide mRNA and miRNA analysis in the native frontal lobe post mortem brain tissue from HIV patients with and without dementia. This carries enormous value in understanding gene expression in the context of HIV mediated neurodegeneration and its regulation through miRNAs. This study has been designed with an objective to comprehensively delineate host transcriptional pro gramming that occurs in concert with the regulatory miR NAs and to find how this interaction between mRNA and miRNA tampers with neurodegenerative pathways and dictates neurological manifestation of HIV disease.

Here, we examined the Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries gene ontology and pathways of differen tially expressed mRNA in parallel with the global gene targets of DE miRNAs. Moreover, we derived paired functional correlation between mRNA and miRNA expressions using splitting averaging strategy to demonstrate intrinsic functional relationship between gene expression and its regulation. In light of these data we believe that these results will not only facilitate a greater understanding of HIV pathogenesis of the brain and its neurological manifestation, but will also help de fine potential candidates for early detection and future therapy for neurodegeneration in HIV patients and related disorders.

Results A snapshot of DE mRNA and miRNA profiles between HAD and HIV non demented brains In order to identify the mRNA and miRNA, which may contribute to the pathogenesis of HAD, a parallel genome wide mRNA and Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries miRNA profiling of the frontal cortex from HIV patients with and without dementia was performed. GenomeStudio was used to analyse the normalized mRNA dataset. We observed 468 statistically significant candidate genes that were differentially expressed be tween two groups. Among them, 432 genes were down regulated and 36 genes were up regulated, and 203 of 432 genes dysregulated greater than 1. 5 fold change. To determine the similarity of global gene expression between samples and also in relation to the DE genes, hierarchical cluster ing was performed and generated using GenomeStudio.

The Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries HAD group formed an inde pendent Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries cluster away from the HIV Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries non dementia group, with the exception of one sample with dementia which clustered together with the HIV non dementia group. Not surprisingly, the HIV non dementia read me group clustered together with HIV negative control due to the absence of neuropathological changes and the absence of actively replicating HIV, which is consistent with a previous study and our own study. The analysis of miRNA data using GeneSpring identi fied 68 miRNA that were significantly differentially expressed in HAD and HIV non dementia cortex.

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