We compared priority areas for the conservation of freshwater fis

We compared priority areas for the conservation of freshwater fish in the Daly River basin (northern Australia). Our study demonstrates that the effect of grain size selleckchem of species distribution data was more important than planning unit size on conservation planning performance, with an increase in commission errors up to 80% and conservation uncertainty over 90% when coarse data were used. This

was more pronounced for rare than common species, where the mismatch between coarse representations of biodiversity patterns and the smaller areas of actual occupancy of species was more evident. Special attention should be paid to the high risk of misallocation of limited budgets when planning in heterogeneous or disturbed environments, where biodiversity is patchily distributed, or when planning for conservation of rare species. (C) 2012 Elsevier

Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The capability of native bacterial strains isolated from Lolium perenne rhizosphere to behave as plant 4-Hydroxytamoxifen ic50 growth promoting bacteria and /or biocontrol agents was investigated. One strain (BNM 0357) over 13 isolates from the root tips of L perenne resulted proved to be nitrogenase positive (ARA test) and an IAA producer. Conventional tests and the API 20E diagnostic kit indicated that BNM 0357 behaves to the Enterobacteriaceae family and to the Enterobacter genus. Molecular identification by 16S rRNA sequence analysis indicated that BNM 0357 had the highest similarity to Enterobacter ludwigii (EN-119). Isolate BNM 0357 had the selleck chemical capability to solubilize calcium triphosphate and to antagonize Fusarium solani mycelial growth and spore germination. Strain BNM 0357 also showed the ability to improve the development of the

root system of L perenne. This study disclosed features of E. ludwigii BNM 0357 that deserve further studies aimed at confirming its putative importance as a PGPR. (C) 2008 Published by Elsevier Ltd.”
“The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of different methods, including the Seager orchidometer (SO) and ultrasonography (US), for assessing testicular volume of smaller testes (testes volume less than 18 mL). Moreover, the equations used for the calculations-the Hansen formula (length [L] x width [W](2) x 0.52, equation A), the prolate ellipsoid formula (L x W x height [H] X 0.52, equation 6), and the Lambert equation (L x W x H x 0.71, equation C)-were also examined and compared with the gold standard testicular volume obtained by water displacement (Archimedes principle). In this study, 30 testes from 15 men, mean age 75.3 (+/- 8.3) years, were included. They all had advanced prostate cancer and were admitted for orchiectomy.

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